Begin with the End in Mind!

A brief chat about weekend camping trip and beginning with the end in mind. Below is a machine created transcript of the podcast enjoying testing that out!

Hey here pocast listeners, and welcome the father for the rest of us this is Brandon Handley and I am your host has a look at just reach out to you for one second there for you could go to my website at fatherhood for the rest of us dot com and sign up for an e-book that I am working on like to have that information available so I can send you a free copy you can go ahead to fatherhood for the rest of us and sign up for the e-book that’s to be coming out probably within the next couple of weeks I like to finish that up by the end of April so sign up for free copy looking forward to sharing the book with you it’s going to be it’s going to be quite the tale. Also you can reach out to me on Twitter Facebook Instagram that Brandon G. Handley and with that let’s go ahead and launch into today’s begin with the end in mind right because so if you began with the end in mind what is that just talking about planning and. For example this past weekend our family went to a camping trip and we had to get everything together make sure that we had all of our gear situated make sure that we had. Reservations for the camp site map knowing where we were gone what’s the weather going to be like have and have firewood and that’s the thing I’d like to just kind of head on to having a community of people that you can consult with doesn’t necessarily have to be consultants but people that have been there and done that are neighbors are really awesome that they were able to say hey man you could use use this heater you could use this they. You know they gave us stuff to take some firewood and not just take some firewood but use these sticks to light them up and that was really also for the neighbors to step up and just be a part of a community and let us know but they’ll never be afraid to talk to other people about your plans because you may forgotten something or not know something you don’t know what you don’t know as they always say. And. Once you get to your plan or just start working through your plan. And you’re getting there and sometimes you’ve got to deviate you’re going to have to adapt to a situation that wasn’t originally there for it I mean there’s no real example aside from with this that this one we had to set up a tent for the first time took a little bit longer than we thought that it may so we had to change some of our plans we had to you know just make some adjustments on the fly and it was fun we got to watch our kids run around and the woods close some other kids across in those a lot of fun went to go find some rocks and had a good time and that’s the other part about that what you do some planning and you you go with it in the end in mind you can enjoy it a little bit and you don’t have to always be worried and especially if you’ve got a plan. And then you can have this adventure right you can go out there and have this adventure and enjoy yourself but you do that by thinking with the End in Mind you say hey here’s where I want to go what are the steps I need to get me there you can apply this to fatherhood you can apply this to your job you can apply this to a goal absolutely anytime and that’s going to be it for this Monday as pockets guys I want you to enjoy the week Have a great time give us some feedback and how are you planning to begin with your end of my what is your end and what do you have that’s a goal or just an adventure that you’d like to plan out. Let me know let us know on Twitter let us know on Facebook. Brandon Handley Brandon G. Handley. In Twitter and Instagram and on Facebook.

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