Individual Moments | Brandon Handley

Quick one, but important! E-Book has been released, this is all about my origins and the birth of Fatherhood for the Rest of us! If you have not signed up for your copy please do so! You may do so right on The first page you land on will allow you to sign up for and receive a copy! Included in this episode is the announcement of our upcoming first time ever podcast recorded live on Facebook, the episode will feature our first guest from down under, David Balshaw – host of The Freedom Engineer. Very excited to have him on talking about his podcast as well as his views and advice on fatherhood! Don’t miss it!

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Going International | Poison

Good morning listeners! Enjoying the week and the weekend, had a lot of fun. Got the chance to see Poison this weekend as a date night at that all by just showing up. Sometimes that is all that it takes, show up and there is a good chance you will be able to enjoy yourself! Spoke a bit about our upcoming guest this week, Bob Walker, a great man with a great story coming to us from the land of Canada! Always grateful to be able to hear our guests stories and to be able to share them with you!


Your health matters!

Hey all, welcome back to fatherhood for the rest of us! This minisode is simply about your health. You want to be around for your family, make sure you are doing all that you can, or at least monitoring your health!
Also, quick note about upcoming podcast with Darryl Race, gay father speaking from his heart! You do not want to miss this one!

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Go to the Doctor

Hey all, I do hope everyone is enjoying this podcast, that its bubbling your cauldron.. This is my Monday morning ramp up – chat up about a few cool things that went down this past week, some great moments and some other moments that were not amazing but play a large role.  Enjoy!

Book referenced:

Have a great week, please do not kill, maim or crush your week.. figure out an alternate route!


Monday Morning | Making Memories | Life on Purpose

Greetings Fatherhood for the Rest of Us!  Enjoyed this past weekend, made some great memories with my beautiful bride Meg.  Birthday celebration continued for her =) .  Went to eat at our favorite place this food is amazing. We were graced with a random lightning storm accompanied by hail, it was surreal.  We then head off for a ballet – both of us first in probably over 20 years, it was fun to take in something different for entertainment, and we were immersed as well, only two rows back. Raleigh is such a great little city, right after the ballet, we head out on the Raleigh Rickshaw, so much fun.  Our boys got the night off from us, thank you, Jen & Jamie!  This is an episode about making big changes for a purpose and living on purpose, with a brief intro into what is coming up this week, Donnie Tuttle!  He has a great sales podcast that can be found here and is embarking on quite the cool little journey:

Catch up with you all on FB live this coming Wednesday evening at 7.30 PM EST

Also, looking for anyone who has a story to share or is interested in sharing via an interview, reach out to me!