Dave Gieselman | Brother from Another

Fair warning – this is an epic conversation with adult content! I have changed the settings for the RSS feed – I don’t want anyone to be caught off guard though!

Taken from his website https://www.become-limitless.com/ :

I am a solution focused, results obsessed, Transformational Coach. I have been exactly where you are, and could not stomach the idea that the life I was living was all there was. I work with men who all start from different places, but they all want the same end result, a rich full life that they are happy living. If you are looking for a soft-spoken, self-help guy, I am not your dude. I don’t pull punches or play soft, I have never gotten results from timid little baby steps, and neither will you. I teach men how to access and harness their dormant, primal instincts and natures, to find their most powerful, most authentic selves.

Dave is a no holds barred man who is fiercely intent on making the world a better place – not just by himself but along with you! His message is powerful, his delivery is gritty – think of it along the lines of raw honey, it will cure you but you have been told that it needs to be pasteurized..

I will let the podcast do the talking – it is a LONG one – again like honey I felt that it was best to leave it unrefined.

Those of you who it reaches needed to be reached.

Let Dave know you heard him here on this podcast!


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