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Alright, where do we start?

Let’s begin with choosing random events to attend without any true knowledge of what is going to happen… let’s choose to say yes and find out what happens when you do…

The random event: Dad 2.0.


I host a podcast which you may or may not be familiar with, Fatherhood for the Rest of Us, if you are not already familiar, get familiar, subscribe & like.  Then finish reading =)

When you work in a certain space you seek like-minded individuals or perhaps a group or gaggle of them who have been doing it longer than you so that you can grow.  

You are also able to create, re-establish or strengthen existing relationships with others you already know who will be attending an event like you.

You learn a ton – how to operate with BIG brands, how to develop yourself in your space… a lot of this is right in front of you on every marketing blog, website… pick one… you will find it… choose your niche, decide on your pitch… make your message clear… all that shit…

The differentiator here is that these are people who are actually applying all of this and making it work, you have the ability to ask them questions face to face and realize they are actual, real, really real people.  Like you could actually reach out and touch em.

However, and… as we all may suspect… this all fell into the category of things I want to hate… why?

Look, we are all individuals, we have all been told that we have something unique and wonderful about us… so what happens when we start to like what everyone else likes?  

When we start to follow the same crowd, eat the same food, drink the same kool-aid etc…

We can feel like our identity is threatened… that somehow our uniqueness is being degraded… we are becoming homogenized…

This can become debilitating in of itself… if a path has been forged and you decide you are not gonna take it simply because it’s gotta be done your way – well that’s up to you.  

What’s it worth to you?

We can all hop on the same path, that doesn’t mean there aren’t intersections and exits…

Back to the point of this thing.

This event opened up my eyes in a number of ways.  

First of all the simple diversity of the “Dad” crowd.  


I was able to do rapid interviews with several of the guys there Joe Saladino, Manny Gonzalez, Charlie King, Jeff Bogle (lost the audio), Mark LaMaster, Perry Towle, Jason Kravits, Brent Popolizio , Stewart Reynolds, Whit Honea, Brock Lusch– each one of these guys had a different story to tell, each one is from a different space – actors, producers, social media legends, social media managers, creators… each one of them creators.  

They are each out there giving something back to the dad community, and each one has a unique style, a unique voice, each message similarly, but just varied enough – I have a good friend David Gieselman who identified it as a whistle… so each one of these guys is shooting out a message with its own frequency and it is reaching only the ears of those who can hear it.  

I found that it was not a place of competition.  I found that it was a place where what was being learned was not a closely guarded secret.  Rather a treasure that if you don’t share then you are a hoarder and essentially doing a disservice to mankind.

Other takeaways – this was an event sponsored by some heavy hitters… Dove Men Care, Clorox, Kia, Hanes (the girl who had to speak on stage about men’s underwear & the pocket was as composed as could be, I am pretty sure I would not have been able to keep a straight face), Best Buy etc…

I had walked into the event prepared to hate on commercialism and bullshit shenanigans… that is what I do… that is my identity…


What I found instead was that these sponsors believe in the message that is being delivered… family first… fatherhood… dad’s truly matter… and they are supporting them… are they there to make money too?  Sure… but I am pretty sure that is why the vast majority of guys showed up as well… and what was cool is that the sponsors were telling us how we could all work together…

What?  How? Is this possible… can you retain your uniqueness, share your story, help humanity out and work with “THE MAN”?  

Yes… times have changed, companies have changed, the world changes… we have to be willing to adapt to this change and recognize that while history has shown us the potential of an outcome, that outcome is not going to be YOUR outcome.
Your voice is being heard… you have the ability to amplify your “whistle” – you have the ability to work with and not against everything that is happening in your world if you make that choice.  

Finally, I want to say that this was unofficially sponsored by Dove Mens Care –

I recently received a note & gift card from them simply for participating in one of their events, where we shared our fatherhood story.  It meant enough of them to send a handwritten note… and a gift card to boot.


Straight classy… There weren’t coupons for their products —- unsolicited praise — which… coming from someone who wanted to hate the products… were pretty awesome…


… and men… we are not super big on changing… when we find something that “works” for us, we tend to stick with it… I have been using Irish Spring soap for quite some time and was not out “shopping around” for the next great soap… I was Irish Fresh after all, you can’t top that… or… so thanks for the soap Dove, it is pretty awesome… each time I use it and walk by my wife… she comments… the good kinda comment.


I appreciate that Dove has taken the risk to work with the Dad community, I understand we are a stingy, wallet hugging group who is not often willing to change… because…  well, we have so many things to hang onto and who wants to admit that there is a better product than we are already using… that’s tantamount to heresy or some shit like that…


How does this end?  


Who knows, get out there and say yes to something that you may have once said no too for reasons that don’t make any fucking sense… if you find that you were right to say no, cool… you were right… but if you find that this “thing” that you have been resistant to all of your life turns out to be not so bad, actually pretty great and amazing after all…


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