Whole 30 Day 29 | On the 30th Day We Wept

Holy scnikees day number 29! I know that yesterday am I seemed like a little over it and I definitely was a little over it. However I have accomplished all of the things that I set out to accomplish when attempting this whole 30. This is my second time and it was significantly easier than the first Whole 30.

What are the things I said I to accomplish?

Well first of all it was simply making it through the entire whole 30.

Second while I wasn’t something I had set out to accomplish it was something that occurred anyways and that was a strengthening of my relationship with my wife.

How was that accomplished by doing the Whole 30 you may ask? Well initially she was not going to do the whole 30. And then asked me if it might be easier if she did it with me. I told her yes.  I had the Real simple conversation nothing too deep. Having somebody go along with you and support you and what you’re doing is awesome. Being able to support her and what she was doing in the whole 30 and with her other endeavors her exercise and her other dietary plan was also pretty awesome. Being able to pour into somebody else and what they are doing and being poured into yourself is almost a self perpetuating awesome power wheel of … what… I don’t know, but it’s a great place to find yourself in.  If each of you believes that you can do an amazing job with what you’re already doing and you keep the cycle going, then you both keep making progress.  That is a great feeling.

That was an unexpected side effect, I forgot they term that in economics but essentially just an unexpected side effect and in a positive manner (positive externality).

Now while she did not complete the whole 30,  that’s OK she did 25 more days that she set out to do and that is respectable. And just like anything else we can all do anything we set out to do on our own it’s simply much more enjoyable to get out there and do get up and do things with others. We are connected all together anyways in some way, shape, or form. It’s when we express that connectedness we receive an extra sense, that it is like a flavor booster to life. What are some the other things that were accomplished? It is simply the commitment to doing the whole 30 and being committed to it and knowing that it was already going to be done. It’s very much like any of the peak performance coach is it going to tell you it’s not even a question of whether not you can do. It it’s it’s basically already done. When you commit to something it’s already done. You can’t fail at it because it’s already done. So that really is kind of what commitment is.  When you can do that in 30 days you are able look back at that and view what you just did 30 days of something that many others, it doesn’t really matter about any others, it matters about what you set out to do. What you accomplish. what you committed to and what you already know can’t be done and will be done suppose that. So going through

The whole 30 teaches you these things about yourself and about others and really has a in a Gratian much much more so much more ingrained in your own life then you may have given a creams to before. The question remains in what is it that you were committed to what is it that you know is already done in your mind. What is it that you already believe in yourself enough to get out there and do?  What is it you believe enough in that it is as good as already done?!


So what up what are we eating today? What has been ingested this morning? We had to scrambled eggs with some hatch chili salsa which has a really nice real change from the everyday salsa.  Which is also tasty just a change of the pace.  Included in the above I had a few slices of sugar-free bacon and a few of these dehydrated peaches which keep showing up in Walmart and are absolutely delightful.

Lunch was a filet of tilapia, pan fried and served up with some brussel sprouts & grapes, nuked then set under the broiler for a little toastiness.

Midday snacking consisted of lime & coconut date bars, along with some dehydrated apples.

Dinner tonight came a day early, Taco Tuesday happened on Monday, ground beef, lettuce, avocados, olives and tomatoes… with some more of that awesome hatch chile!


Whole 30 | Day 28(00000000)

Hold on to your hats… because there is gonna be a whole lotta hot air… about the whole 30!  Not really… more like lukewarm air about the whole 30 – could be that there is a lot of grey skies quite literally around here today, and that may be having an impact on the tiger blood… like an ultra magnet taking all of the iron out… more like a declawed tiger.

Ok, maybe not so bad, but day 28 lacks anything ultra-special as it relates to the whole 30…

While I did go through one of the more enjoyable parts of the day and week even, the weekly shopping trip.

I love going to the grocery store, even when I am not on the Whole 30.  I love it because I simply enjoy food! There is the element of setting the week up – picking out the foods that you intend to eat for the week.  Picking through the fruit, checking for blemishes, deciding whether or not the avocado you have picked out to make your guacamole is just close enough to be ripe to grab or not… you know how terribad it is when you get that avocado that is not even close, and when its time to make the guac it you may as well try to blend up erasers and try to eat them…

However, today was the day when I walked up and down the lanes and recognized many of the things that are still off of the list… soba noodles… deli ham… cheese sticks… hell, even rice cakes… all giving me a dirty leering eye… or wondering where I have been…

Knowing that we are on the edge of the end of the Whole 30 – when you are going through the freezer aisle and the deep fried twinkies are checking you out… giving you the eye… they know you want them… they also know you can’t have them… twinkies… you… you with your chemically ridden creamy goodness… and now you are readily deep fried… le sigh.

It’s consumer psychology, even if you are Teflon, the years of having commercials driven into your head or the habits, the unconscious chewing of cheetohs, the moose tracks ice cream all swallowed without a moment of thought or concern.  Forcing myself to stay away from all of these foods and recognizing what habits you have or had… perhaps this is more of a day to be called a breakthrough, recognizing all of these things… the foods the mental, psychological hooks… work is to be done!  however, much has been achieved, much ground has been covered, we are now in a better place, and sometimes, it takes doing battle with a frozen deep fried twinkie to get there.

Foods today:

Nuked & fried spuds with some sweet onions,  a few slices of Gwaltney Virginia Cured Bacon (no sugar added!) and an egg fried over easy (I usually do a medium but the yolk broke and time was of the essence).

Lunch was a quick fix – scrambled egg with some hatch chile salsa along with some reheated beets & squash.

Somewhere along the way I made up some more date/nut bars – today was the lime & the coconut – zesting the lime in these bars gives it such a rich flavor!

Dinner was some fried tilapia along with some plantain chips and some raspberry coulis, very bright flavors!  Looks similar to the attached.

Day 29 is waiting for me to wake… TTFN!

Whole 30… Day Number 20 f***ing 7

Whole 30… day number 20 f***ing 7… you know that hammer that you swing on the work shift all day, and when the day starts its pretty light?  And hitting nails, watching them being driven into whatever you have decided to drive a nail into, its kind of fun, almost therapeutic… by the end of the day, your hand is throbbing, you have watched yourself drive 1000 plus nails, and by now, your hammer is heavy, and it turns out the day wasn’t therapeutic at all… as a matter of fact, now you feel like you NEED therapy… of some sort… ok, maybe day 27 isn’t at that type of crescendo… and to be honest there really isn’t even a however to it… it is, however, the new normal… and when things are normal, no matter how good they are for you day after day, you are ready for a new normal.  At least I am.

Truth be told, I am actually proud of myself for doing this a second time, I am amazed at just how much easier it was to do this time around.  Nearly no resistance from my body or mind, screaming out that it missed anything at all… for anyone who has ever driven a stick shift vehicle it has been kinda like driving a car @ 55 miles per hour (that’s nearly 90 kilometers per hour for you metric people out there) and shifting from 5th gear to 4th gear… a little more oomph to it, but a little less friendly on the gas tank… overall, not a huge difference…

There have been more moments of focus and clarity, better overall energy (I wrote butter instead of better the first time… guess what I will eat a stick of on January 31st) and generally feeling better.  


Most claim that this would be unsustainable…  and that may be true in terms of ease of access to a lot of the foods… not even that… to be honest, I can’t wrap my head around why this would be considered unsustainable… it is just slightly more difficult than standard eating habits… and that really just means I am probably putting a little less crap into my body… I will be looking towards more keto type meal planning as we move forward as I think that will offer the best overall option for me… with the plan to cut down mostly on wheat & rice – sticking more to veggies that are filling… we will see…


Food today – Customary fried egg, a few slices of bacon, a beet & some butternut squash with the chili paste – breakfast =).


Lunch – Date bar – again frozen – if you make these I promise you there is just a little extra joy if you freeze those things!  Took a moment to recollect what I shoved into my stomach for lunch – guacamole made in-house, and some fried up plantains.

Dinner, while not consumed yet, will be spaghetti squash for me along with some DIY pork Italian sausage along with Newman’s Own sugar-free marinara…


Almost there!  Thanks for hanging out!

WHOLE 30 DAY 26 | The Beat Goes On – GM’Oh No!

It is the day after my birthday also known as whole30 day number 26! Woke up this morning feeling pretty excited. Pretty invigorated, knowing that there would be no pancakes and knowing that there will be no syrup. And being excited about that,  knowing that today I wouldn’t be eating something like a corn or rice or wheat,  which has been genetically modified or sustained or developed in order to make money, more so than it is to actually feed people and nourish them. While that may not be the original concept, maybe the original concept was in truth to be able to sustain a growing population with limited resources. However, we have no idea what the long more far-reaching impact our actions, our meddling with the “grand design”.  Of something that appears good today just like the sufi story of-of the old man and the horses running away and his son break in the leg.  There’s no way to know that just because something seems or appears good today it is truly good for us, for mankind that is in the long run, or for the duration.


I want to share with you does this image that has haunted me for quite a few years. I was taking a speech course at my local college a couple years back and the young lady gave a presentation on genetically modified foods.


While she spoke a lot about her… you know it, to be honest, I don’t remember the whole speech I just know with speech was about. What I do recall is the image that she shared. There were two pieces of corn… feed corn on the cob dried out… they were sitting there and only one of them had been eaten by the squirrels and the animals.  Which of course leaves us with the one that had not been touched.

Well, I don’t know what this means to you but ever since then, gives me a big burning question. Should I eat something that’s been genetically modified? Does it make sense? What does that animal know?  What does that creature know innately that I don’t? Have I lost touch with something that I once knew? Have I lost touch with something that I should inherently know? What… what have I lost touch with?


So when I wake up this morn and and I I think for second that I miss our genetically modified week I miss genetically modified rice I miss corn anything genetically modified, I miss refined this I miss refined that,  I think of that corn on the cob, and  it’s pretty easy to make the decision. When I reflect thusly at any rate.


While I can’t be certain that any of the food that I ate this morning was non-GMO or any of that I do know that there’s less likelihood of it being genetically modified as a whole as the wheat or the corn or are these “staple” crops.


None of this is really doom gloom, I’m just offering an opportunity to take a different perspective on how to approach food,  and what my approach is,  and how I get over the idea that I’m missing something.


We’ll start with breakfast : For breakfast this morning we went ahead and had leftover squash with parsnips from dinner last night couple slices of bacon sugar free of course and fried egg with some chili sauce on top of it and it’s that simple that was my breakfast and those were my thoughts as the morning began.


You know what’s awesome leftovers, leftovers are awesome!  Today I was able to make crab cakes that I had already made for myself for my birthday dinner so it’s like I had a birthday dinner twice! Except for let’s be honest I had one lunch and one dinner supposed to say I had crab cakes twice within the past 24 hours. I’m a lucky kind of guy!  this is literally like me just popping my head in a window to shout about what just happened cuz that’s just what I had for lunch just now.   


In addition to my amazing crab cakes, I was able to whip together yet another batch of date bars today’s date bars are like pina colada with the almond peanut butter topping almond butter topping.  if you check out the recipe that I shared to begin with on these date bars with the cashew butter or almond butter topping and if you actually made them yourselves you may have found Date bar portion to be a little thin.  I did, I found the date portion to be a little thin so I made these much thicker,  and what I found was that they were just seriously just like candy bars really really hit in The Sweet Spot sweet to Sweet area sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet…


As we come down the line here not really sure what’s for dinner but I do know that after today it’s only a few days left and again I think there’s going to be some parts of it that I missed quite a bit.  Just the whole process in of itself, the challenge that it is, the food that you have to make or get to make at all those things.  Maybe there are a couple things that I am excited for sure and that’s to make some homemade bread I really miss homemade bread… and maybe a piece of cheese here and there but just like last year I expected this will have a lingering effect on my intake dietary intake throughout the year…


Day 25 of the new year and the whole 30… I wonder how people are able to blog day in and day out… not gonna lie… while the writing in of itself has been a bit of fun… perhaps the topic, as well as the process, has lost a bit of its novel appeal.  Not to worry!  These aren’t the things we fret upon on the passing of another day, or another birthday, or a whole new year!!!

I have to admit that Liam waking me up this morning and telling me to hurry up so that the family could give me my gifts was certainly a pleasure to wake up to.  Everyone wrote me notes about what they liked about me, and how can that not feel good?  Along with a new mug with recent pictures, always a crowd pleaser =) … being a father is a blast, being a husband is great as well… can it be tricky at times?  Sure, but that’s all part of the fun, how do we navigate best on a crowded dance floor?

We dance.

Ok, Whole 30… I think we have exhausted the following:

Self-mastery aspects

Develop new relationships with food – perhaps rekindle old relationships with foods works here too…

Team building – relationship building works here as well, as Meg decided at last minute to join for support, and we are able to cheer each other on through it.

Setting an example for the children is one that I don’t think has been overly explored.  There is that – it is fun for them to be sad for us when we are not eating things like cupcakes or ice cream.  Or when they are excited that there are only a few more days left before we can eat ice cream as a family.  Entertainment with the children as well. They asked what we were going to have for dinner.  When the response was crab cakes.  They immediately said, “You and mom have crabcakes, Finn & I will have a real cake.”  LOL

Not wanting to let them down, or deprive them of a little cake on my birthday, I told them I would grab some cupcakes at some point while out and about.  However, I was somehow distracted while at the grocery store and forgot to pick em up.  Luckily, I have access to the internet… and was able to find a recipe… crisis averted… Meg was able to supply the icing on the cake =) This leads me to the, what did you find to eat today? section.

Breakfast – we stuck with the sweet potato, fried egg & bacon whole 30 combo.

Morning snack, tahini & date bar bites.

Lunch… Larabars!  I had quite a bit to tend too and making lunch didn’t make it to the top of the list of things that needed to get done.

Dinner – butternut squash & parsnip layered up like ratatouille, topped with a little ghee, salt and pepper.  Served up with some pretty decent paleo crab cakes which called for egg whites and almond flour.  Great, except for to make it a little easier to bind it up, I went ahead and whipped the egg whites into more of a meringue, which worked out lovely… as for the cupcakes I made for the boys… I watched them eat them…

Until tomorrow!


WHOLE 30 DAY 24 | Light at the End of the Tunnel

Woo hoo we have made it to day number 24.


I know I keep going on and on about all that this is much more than just a food reboot. This is a self-mastery challenge in all honesty. It forces me to take a strong look at my relationship with food… my relationship with all of my habits…  my eating habits as well as my relationship with the grocery store. And what can I possibly mean by that?  For it really gives you the opportunity to really explore the labels and truly take a deep dive into what exactly it is you are putting into your body. What’s fun is finding new foods that you could actually enjoy that indeed have no sugar… that indeed have no gluten… fulfill all of the needs that you have as it relates to nutrition. It also allows you to really kind of cleanse the palate, which is really out of tune into how some things taste without… we’ll say butter… we’ll say without sugar or sweeteners.  Without some type of sauce or gravy that has either sugar or some other type of artificial fillers in it or even flour which I’m not really against,  but it gives me the opportunity to take a look at that and say it’s clouding the taste…we get a pure appear taste of something, perhaps a cleaner we’ll say… sensation out of it.


Like I said some of part of this is self-mastery and even completing just 30 days of…  of something this it could appear to many as being a very small feat.  It goes and it shows you what you can do, what you can accomplish within just a short period of time and how those habits can change the trajectory of your life.


Not to dwell too deeply on that but what I want to hit on the how far we could go with this.


Let’s go ahead and cover food for the 24th day.  We went ahead and deviated from our usual breakfast!  I had leftover steak with leftover squash and leftover roasted red peppers as my breakfast (sounds very leftoverish eh?). And for lunch… I think I kind of skipped lunch… I’m not gonna lie completely accidental, but I did snack on a couple of the date and tahini bars. Still amazing and especially if you put in the freezer y’all! You put em in the freezer and eat em and they are just like candy bars. Finally, for dinner, Meg made the special sloppy joe’s on top of baked potatoes and on top of that… the secret ….there is just a couple… a couple of bacon crumbles.  That adds that very thing… that extra that you’re looking for in that dish.


Everyone go ahead and stay tuned for a very very special January 25 the 25th day of our whole 30.  But not only that it’s gonna be my birthday so hold onto your hats it’s going to be an ultra, ultra, such a strong word, ultra, just saying it’s going to be on my birthday for the whole 30!

WHOLE 30 Day 23

What is going on today we did the whole 30 day number 23. It’s hard to stay excited about something after 23 days however, I’m so excited I still have a ton of energy.  I still have so much that I’m looking forward to it enjoy this. Granted I’m on a bit of a delay I accidentally went to sleep last night instead of typing this up only to wake up and realize that I had missed my whole 30 updates from day 23!

That doesn’t mean I forgot about it just means I went to sleep.  I got a lot done that day I had enough energy to put together and host my first  webinar for a Fatherhood for the Rest of Us. A big thank you for those of you that made it I’m grateful for your attendance, I hope that you really enjoyed the Fatherhood for the Rest of Us presents Patience.

Many would say (and would be correct in saying) that the magic kind of wears off in terms of the process of the Whole 30.


What the whole 30 recommends is that you go and you seek out new recipes to try and keep it exciting because it’s really easy to fall into making the same thing every day, and getting into a doldrums kinda trap. While I agree it’s easy to fall into the doldrums part it’s also difficult to go and make a brand new thing a day after day.  As you have seen from me in the past is that I actually enjoyed making the same thing every day.That was done as kind of a personal science experiment to see if I could actually take in that type of repetition.  If I could not make that extra daily decision.  If I could take away that daily need to make a decision on what to eat for breakfast or lunch. How much more energy would I have or, how much more how much easier it would be to think of all the other decisions I need to make that day!

Sad looking peas on fork.

All that being said I still ended up making the standard breakfast of eggs potatoes and bacon. I ended up with making my staple fried plan teens and guacamole for lunch. And I was lucky enough to find a couple of steaks in the freezer which was gifted to me for Christmas from Omaha steaks to thaw them out and have those for dinner along with some squash taste up with some red pepper and actually toss in some fennel seed simply because I felt like the need for it!

However, the one thing that I ran out of and was becoming reliant on what is the date nut bars that I’ve been making quite a few of.  The most recent ones had a topping with tahini and almond butter. Even though I’d run out of those staples I’d still been able to munch on some dried apricots and apples and such.

While there may be some type of mild meal making doldrums occurring here. The truth of the matter is I’m still very excited and enjoying the energy levels of experiencing on the whole 30, and while I would love to extend it.  However, if you didn’t already know,  I will be down in New Orleans in February for the Dad 2.108 event.  I’m gonna have to try some of the awesome food down there,  I’ve never had it before and while the Whole 30 has been a blast it’ll basically be like me turning around and waving to the QWhole 30 and saying,  “so long it’s been fun but now time to move on!”