THIS is the ULTIMATE in rare and sweaty moments

So you want to know what it is that is the “ultimate in rare and sweaty moments eh”…we could take this into a number of different avenues… like the low hanging fruit on this branch is sex… you have children and realize that after children sometimes sex is indeed a rare and sweaty moment… I will grant you that this is so.  However, the rare and sweaty moment that I am speaking of is the moment when you realize that you are meant for just a little bit more than sitting on your ass and thinking about life.

That rare and sweaty moment when you push past talking about your next move and your next move… and the move after that… the move that says… I am thinking about throwing up… that sweat isn’t from exertion, it is from FEAR… cold sweat… everyone said you could do this but you haven’t taken action on this yet sweat… it’s easy to remember what I had for breakfast because I can taste it trying to get back out of my stomach sweat.

That may actually describe the moment when you realized you were about to have your first child.

What were some of your thoughts?

Some of my first thoughts were:

This is fucking awesome!
I thought I was sterile!
Eggs don’t stand a chance!
I can’t believe I get the opportunity to be a father!
Wait a second… I don’t have any idea how to do this…
They are going to need a lot of things… I don’t have any of those things… gonna need a crib… diapers… diapers cost a fortune!
Shit… the house is gonna be a Mickey Mouse Funhouse… am I gonna have to stop playing World of Warcraft?
Is this really happening?!

These were some of my honest first thoughts… I had no idea what I was stepping into… The hospital had no idea what kind of father I was going to be… there was no application… there was no interview… this is a freaking human life that you are trusting me with… you may want to check some of my references at least.  No?  Take this human life and go, even after what I have done with mine… ok.

No amount of preparation will get you set for the real thing.  I have actually found this to be the same in every job I have ever had. There are descriptions, there are roles… there are certain types of people that fit into certain roles for sure… but there is no true prep that I have ever done to fulfill the roles that I have filled.

To be honest, I have never taken a job (outside of bartending and serving tables) that existed until I had it… what does that even mean?

What it means is that life is an exercise in searching for what you are great at, what you are interested in, and will open its doors for you if you allow it… and if you believe in yourself…

I am precisely the father that I imagined that I would be… I have created the community of fathers that I thought that I would and I have created an amazing life for myself, and continue to do so.

Admittedly most of that had been done unconsciously, not like I was knocked out and dreamt up the whole scene… but I had not been an active participant in my own life and somehow it had turned out pretty great.

I can now look back and point to a few areas that had been pivot points… one of those was recognizing that I had someone else believe in me and loved me unconditionally outside of my family… and that one fan to the spark within me began to glow.

Looking for opportunities to grow… taking jobs that I had never considered myself capable of before and growing into them… taking the jobs to learn from them and not simply for the wages that they offered…

Investing in myself, sending myself back to school… believing that it was worth it to do so… following my curiosity…

This is all said in hindsight of course. When it was all in motion it was beautiful chaos… searching for the next big thing… sometimes reminding myself to take note of the best things that were happening… I had a young boy in my midst and number two was having a tough time showing up.

Whats this note about?  The ultimate sweaty and rare moment… today… now… this moment is what your life has  lead up to.  If you feel that you are not taking the action in your life… that is CREATING these moments, recognizing these moments for what they are… perhaps we should chat… these moments can indeed be YOUR CREATIONS.  By some crazy calculated miracle, YOU have been born… and have been able to participate in the creation of ANOTHER miracle… your first child, perhaps more than one… the odds of that happening are pretty much stacked AGAINST you… and YOU BEAT those odds… what else does life have in store for you?

These past few months Fatherhood for the Rest of Us has been on a roll – we have been focused on what Fatherhood for the Rest of Us actually is:

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That’s the tip of the iceberg… stay tuned as we continue to grow and develop together!

Check into the group here:

Heroic Fatherhood | Charlie King

Fantastic conversation with super dad Charlie King!


I’m Charlie King, founder of Heroic Fatherhood.

I help entrepreneurs who are committed fathers – people just like you – generate clarity, consistency, confidence and inner trust. I partner with Dads to apply these concepts to their work, fatherhood and romantic relationships.

We here at Heroic Fatherhood stand shoulder to shoulder, fathers committed to raising empowered and engaged kids. I’ve got your back no matter what life or fatherhood throws at you.

Hook up with Charlie:,, @heroicfathers on Twitter

Heroic Fatherhood – Heroic Dad

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BJJ Report – 20180529

If you have been looking for a group of like minded fathers who are willing to support you as you
would support them to chase their dreams, share their challenges, and intermix your wisdom with theirs than be sure to join the closed facebook group:

Get it all, enjoy it, make it yours, and if you continue to enjoy it, be sure to share it!


Looking for an in-depth conversation about the ideal you & fatherhood?
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Stop Staring at the Sun

My guess is that you really don’t stare at the sun.

Why not?

Because you already know its a bad idea!

There are a ton of bad ideas out there, and that one is just the tip of the iceberg.

I am guessing that you have taken action on more than one of your past bad ideas and perhaps you are even feeling guilty for it… even if it happened a month ago, a year ago or even 10 years ago.

You probably keep telling yourself some sort of story of how you did xyz and that made you a bad person.

Or you had xyz habit and if people ever found out then the world would come crashing down. (rumble crumble crashing sound effects)

Guess what… the story you are telling yourself is like an anchor keeping your little dingy out in the ocean of desolation and despair… and I am guessing that you have told your story repeatedly to your friends and your family… and eek… even your children.

Don’t do what dad did when he was a young lad or else you will end up just not quite making it… you will do better than I did… moaning, don’t be like me…

So long as you continue to act like this, rolling around on the ground clutching your blanky and telling this story… it will stay your story.

You don’t have to stay in this space… you have an amazing set of tools RIGHT at your fingertips… this very INSTANT!

REFRAME that shit… what was really happening? What is a fresh perspective you could put on that story?

Was it ALL your fault? Was it ALL her fault? Does it REALLY even MATTER at all? Was it just a small thing to cling onto because even if it was YOUR fault, you were taking EVERYONE down with you!

You don’t think like this… you are a kind and gentle person, with intentions of nothing but the best for everyone… there is a great chance that you were misunderstood… the words came out wrong…

Her story is probably similar, perhaps she had a bad day at work… some jackenheimer was hitting on her at work and it just put her in such a shitty all men are jerks mood…

It doesn’t take much these days to spin it all out of control because of the stress that you put on yourself to succeed, to show your spouse, your family, your children etc that you have what it takes to push it to the next level, but you just can’t figure out why you dipkeep spinning your wheels in the dirt.

This much is true… it’s not your backstory… its not the lines of cocaine you did in the bathroom, the joint you smoked over Mardis Gras or that one time you did the one thing that you will never utter to anyone… no one knows that one.

Here are two quick examples of how I am certain that it is not your back story keeping you from achieving what you want to achieve:

Jay Shetty – if you haven’t heard of this guy yet, you will soon, first of all, because I am telling you about him right now. Not only that, but there is a link to his full story below.

Short version – essentially an English bad boy, who hung out with gangsters and the like in his teens.

Jay lost two of his best friends when he was 16, one in a car accident and the other due to gang violence.

Jay meets a monk at age 18 who inspires him to think of life in a different manner. One with purpose and meaning.

He graduates with honors from his business school after studying behavorial science at the age of 22, and then dips into being a monk for the next three years.

He comes back to the land of business after his friends ask him to speak about his way of living as a monk… the meditation in extreme conditions (hot & cold), mind control (his own) and breathing control in order to combat stresses of the everyday world.

And somewhere along the way becomes a viral sensation and continues to speak and have an impact worldwide.

My Story

The other guy – President George Bush Jr. – Look, the guy was a party animal in college, had two DUI’s and still became president of the USA for EIGHT freaking years… sure he had some connections, but sheesh… come on…

Look all I am saying here is that most of us have a back story that we could cling onto and tell ourselves that we can’t make it because…

What I am telling you is that you can also reframe that story and use it to your advantage… what did you learn in those incidents?

Those are the incidents that molded you, shaped you into the bad ass that you are today, have NO DOUBTS about that… none.

Ok now… where are we and what are we doing…

If you missed The Science of Getting Rich Webinar for whatever reason, I will NOT be presenting it again, but I did record it and you can catch the replay here:

I will continue the deep dive into this book and one of the biggest reasons to do so is that the more you teach something the more you learn about it.

Keep an eye on the Fatherhood for the Rest of Us page on FB for more info, and be sure to like and share if you do!

Recently Finished Reading:

Only Dead on the Inside: A parents guide to Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse – James Breakwell (Exploding Unicorn) I will be interviewing him 5/27 9 PM EST – keep an eye out on FB Page

Friday Nigh Lights for Fathers & Daughters – 10 Life Lessons. 10 Faith Driven Episodes. Liftime Memories – Mark LaMaster (interview here:

Currently Reading:
Parenting with Love & Logic

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BJJ Report 20150523

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Alex Guillen | From Deserted Island to Prominence

I am pleased to be able to share this conversation with a good friend of mine.

He is not currently a father, but has an amazing story to tell about his relationship with his father.

His story is also very inspiring as he quite literally was left on an island at one time to die, he obviously made it out alive and put himself to work… he has busted his ass and is now one of the LEAD Funnel Creators out there.

Alex has the capability to help those out there who are looking to get their funnels whipped into shape and begin making some money!

I know firsthand just how frustrating it can be to go at the marketing and funnel creation alone, and we all need all the help we can get.

I highly recommend that anyone out there looking to have a funnel conversation and is serious about taking the next few steps, reach out to Alex and have that conversation!

If you have been looking for a group of like minded fathers who are willing to support you as you
would support them to chase their dreams, share their challenges, and intermix your wisdom with theirs than be sure to join the closed facebook group:

Get it all, enjoy it, make it yours, and if you continue to enjoy it, be sure to share it!


Looking for an in-depth conversation about the ideal you & fatherhood?
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Here’s A Quick Way To Free Your Mind And Free up Cycles

Fill your book quota

Gotta drive for endless hours?

Sirius 90’s not gonna cut it?

Singing songs with your family a certain death?

One more podcast… to add to the list… perhaps…

I, of course, would recommend Fatherhood for the Rest of Us.

This round I chose to use Audible & listen to some books that had been gathering *digital dust* – it’s a thing.

So, while Meg helped me navigatetraffic & kept the boys in line, helped them eat, adjust the ipads and listened to shows of her own selecting I listened to the following books:

The Science of Getting Rich – Wallace Waddle-

free here
Anyone who has read Think and grow Rich who hasn’t tried this one out is missing out.

I currently have it on a daily rotation… feel free to ask me why.

Mind Hacking: How to Change Your Mind for Good in 21 Days

This book is great for anyone who is into computers and looking to change some habits.

There was a lot for me to align with in here… primarily how life changed for the author after he quit drinking.

Creating Behavior That Lasts – Becoming the Person You Want to Be

This book is for the person who wants to be gently coached and achieve things at their own pace… it reminded me of something like “Therapy +”

It is actually more impactful than that… however… the final book in the list made it seem more like “Therapy +” (We are not there yet)

One of the best lines in here was something along the lines of:

Are you being a professional at work and an amateur at home?


Now – I wasn’t aware of this feature prior to our trip but there was a Prime Members option to listen to streaming books – playlists… pretty awesome… upon inspection one of the channels was “You & Improved”

Within that list I found Buddhism for Beginners… well now, this is up my alley. I knew a few things regarding Buddhism, but this book brought to light, illuminated…. enlightened me if you will on a number of topics, thoughts or ideas as they related.

Pretty cool that I was able to stream this one for free… perhaps you will be able to as well?

Finally, and I have to be honest I had been waiting for this one and prayed that I would be able to hear the whole thing on the ride home…

Relentless: From Good to Great to Unstoppable

Punctuated by an F-Bomb or A-Hole from timeto time, it was filled with good humor and a don’t waste my time attitude…

This book is for the person who doesn’t want to have their hand held, they want to be pushed off the wall… for the person who has been thinking they have been pushing themselves, but after listening to this book realizes they have been peddling nonsense and needs to up the ante, grab their balls and dip them in steel.

One of the lines in this book that cracked me up was:

It’s not whether or not your glass is half full or half empty, you either have something in the glass or you don’t.


Do audible books take the place of actually reading them?


Will listening to books as you drive along 95 for hours at a time help you become a more productive driven member of society?

Who cares… but that’s how this trip rolled!

My friend Toni-Lee of made a post a few days back RE the Love Vibration.

This got me to thinking… what if…

What if we set a love vibration tone to some affirmations…
This would be cool!

The love vibration is one tone though… and to be honest… I love the thought of the love vibration… but alone well… it leaves something to be desired…

Who says something like that?

I guess the authentic self does.

With all of the self-dev over the past couple years, I was able to recall that the sound of nature helps you to retain information better…

This is good… let’s blend those two!

Now… I had asked for some affirmations from others to make them specific to the requester…

I didn’t see any come through…

I also assumed that no one wanted my personal affirmations… hell… gonna be honest… I was kinda over the set of affirmations that I had for myself, not only did I feel that they were created for the person that I no longer was… they were affirmations…

Sinking in… along with the journey I had come across afFORMations – have you heard of these?

If not they tend to work on a different level – think of it this way…

You want to know how you’re going to accomplish becoming the coach you intend to become.

Affirmations look something like:

I am an amazing coach and I am helping my clients become the best versions of themselves.

Afformations look like:

How is it that I am an amazing coach who is helping my clients to become the best version of themselves?

Best way I can translate the difference:

When you make that statement of I am, it is cool, it works… there is something of a singularity to it and you are alone in that statement.

When you ask the question you are throwing it out into the Universe and the answers will present themselves (similar to prayers?) – you are not at this alone – you are a 1 in 4 trillion chance miracle – everything that has happened to you up to now is by design – the Universe wants for you just as much as you are willing to ask of it…(personal take)

At any rate – I threw in several afformations that will apply to many )(they are subliminalish – right under the tones of the rain & the love Frequency) – I will include some links for you to reference if you want to dig deeper!

Thank you Toni-Lee for the inspiration!

Not only do we get this cool (I think its actually awesome and will now use it daily!)

But, I was also able to take a lot of what I have learned over the past year or two and create something new & I hope of value to you!



Love Tone (Others here as well):

More detail about rain and brain: #3…/6-scientifically-proven-songs…

And finally some info about why afformations work: