Whole 30 | Day 28(00000000)

Hold on to your hats… because there is gonna be a whole lotta hot air… about the whole 30!  Not really… more like lukewarm air about the whole 30 – could be that there is a lot of grey skies quite literally around here today, and that may be having an impact on the tiger blood… like an ultra magnet taking all of the iron out… more like a declawed tiger.

Ok, maybe not so bad, but day 28 lacks anything ultra-special as it relates to the whole 30…

While I did go through one of the more enjoyable parts of the day and week even, the weekly shopping trip.

I love going to the grocery store, even when I am not on the Whole 30.  I love it because I simply enjoy food! There is the element of setting the week up – picking out the foods that you intend to eat for the week.  Picking through the fruit, checking for blemishes, deciding whether or not the avocado you have picked out to make your guacamole is just close enough to be ripe to grab or not… you know how terribad it is when you get that avocado that is not even close, and when its time to make the guac it you may as well try to blend up erasers and try to eat them…

However, today was the day when I walked up and down the lanes and recognized many of the things that are still off of the list… soba noodles… deli ham… cheese sticks… hell, even rice cakes… all giving me a dirty leering eye… or wondering where I have been…

Knowing that we are on the edge of the end of the Whole 30 – when you are going through the freezer aisle and the deep fried twinkies are checking you out… giving you the eye… they know you want them… they also know you can’t have them… twinkies… you… you with your chemically ridden creamy goodness… and now you are readily deep fried… le sigh.

It’s consumer psychology, even if you are Teflon, the years of having commercials driven into your head or the habits, the unconscious chewing of cheetohs, the moose tracks ice cream all swallowed without a moment of thought or concern.  Forcing myself to stay away from all of these foods and recognizing what habits you have or had… perhaps this is more of a day to be called a breakthrough, recognizing all of these things… the foods the mental, psychological hooks… work is to be done!  however, much has been achieved, much ground has been covered, we are now in a better place, and sometimes, it takes doing battle with a frozen deep fried twinkie to get there.

Foods today:

Nuked & fried spuds with some sweet onions,  a few slices of Gwaltney Virginia Cured Bacon (no sugar added!) and an egg fried over easy (I usually do a medium but the yolk broke and time was of the essence).

Lunch was a quick fix – scrambled egg with some hatch chile salsa along with some reheated beets & squash.

Somewhere along the way I made up some more date/nut bars – today was the lime & the coconut – zesting the lime in these bars gives it such a rich flavor!

Dinner was some fried tilapia along with some plantain chips and some raspberry coulis, very bright flavors!  Looks similar to the attached.

Day 29 is waiting for me to wake… TTFN!


Haha, why not!?!  Today was the epitome of what tiger blood should feel like… I woke up … no… I burst out of the room… filled with energy right off of the bat… I would say it wasn’t even tiger blood that I was feeling, rather… atomic energy… whatever it is that fuels the sun… that is what was fueling me today… which of course makes me wonder… what indeed does fuel the sun? Simply hydrogen gas… let me google that for you:


Nuclear fusion is what happens in the Sun – it’s the combining of light elements into heavier elements to produce energy. The Sun produces a large amount of energy by combining very light elements such as hydrogen to heavier elements such as helium and then lithium, oxygen, carbon, right up to iron.

Image result for what fuels the sun
Sounds like what is happening in my body… that kind of energy… not only is it that kind of energy… but its NOT like in a movie where you accidentally drink some atomic beverage and you only have a little while to live because the atomic you drank is unstable and if you lean too far to the left you are going to blow up… that would not be cool… that would be the kind of energy you wished on an enemy… if you had any… because today you are feeling the way Chuck Norris must feel… unstoppable…

Outside of the amazing, gift from the gods way that I felt without having to take any additional substances, like drugs or alcohol, it was simply a great day to be alive, and I relished in it. The boys were off to their favorite camp at the farm, where they help take care of the animals by feeding them and being companions for them. They are able to take walks in the woods, get muddy and simply enjoy the outdoors. All of that goodness and they include meditation. Not sure what else you can ask for! Meg was at her gym today crushing it herself pushing up 150 lbs, pretty sweet how far she has come and the group of people she has surrounded herself with is very supportive, great seeing the growth that is happening there as well. As for this guy, I got my swim in for the day as well as a little Brazilian Ju Jitsu, ate some awesome food and felt like this all day… not to shabby!

Food wise – breakfast – scrambled up one egg, 1/3 of a large sweet potato baked (nuked) then pan fried, topped with a little chili paste and good morning!
Lunch – Hello tilapia, that was my last filet (sad face), with some baby spinach, the rest of the sweet potato, cranberries and a hit of garam marsala paste for a hit of spice.

Meg made us some dinner, chicken nuggets using flax meal as a type of breading, they turned out great! Some chunky potatoes along with it, pan fried to perfection, yet another thing she has been making progress in… cooking that is, so great when both of us are able to whip up some good home cooking!
Finally, snackwise… I pretty much snacked mostly on the tahini and date bars, topped with a little toasted coconut… they did the trick. I will be making more of those!
Onward to day 23!

WHOLE 30 Day 20

Day 20 – I woke up feeling fairly invigorated considering my lack of sleep.  I was up a good deal later than usual messing around with the website and felt pretty excited about where I left it, a little bit of a rush I should say, simply in the fact that progress has been made…  I was also feeling excited as I was going to be interviewed on another podcast in the morning and that always invigorates me!

Ok, food for thought… really just food for the day – stuck with standard fare for breakfast, eggs, and potatoes – a few slices of bacon and onward!  I did, in fact, have some homemade chipotle mayo for dipping the potatoes in.  Why not eh?

The interview was great – I had scheduled it today as the boys were to be in school for a makeup session… snow days… the snow was still around today though… Meg took them with her while she did some yoga, and the boys jumped into a CrossFit session.  So glad that there are these activities for the boys to do even when there is snow on the ground…

I had also decided that I needed to get a date night in for Meg & I, so I made a quick call to our babysitter to check for availability… available… secured… time to clean up the kitchen and living room… need to make it look like the house is inhabited by civilized humans!

For lunch, some more of the homemade Italian sausage on spaghetti squash and sugar-free marina… didn’t look super pretty but very delicious!

Meanwhile, Meg and the boys returned and I sprung the news of the impromptu date night on her.  A little excitement in the day =).  Fed the boys some PB & J on chemical-free homemade bread…. hung out with them for a bit and enjoyed the afternoon sun as it streamed through our windows from the southern sky…. it was nap time…  this was met with some resistance from Liam – I conquered him with Wayne Dyer… just as he dozed off… and I had just woken up… Finn clicked on the TV… to which I said nay… he needed a nap as well.. he too was resistant, and resistant with an attitude…  he too was conquered by Wayne Dyer… I love that the boys go to sleep listening to Wayne Dyer & Alan Watts.

Everyone wakes up, I get a shower in, oven on for some pizza for the boys… Meg grabs some mixed nuts for a Whole 30 snack in the theatre and I grab a couple of clementines and a bottle of hot pomegranate green tea.  We are off to see Commuter… think Speed + Taken… not to bad, not amazing.

We were in one of those eat in theatres… they serve food there… we both got some sandwiches sans buns, cheese and fun… although they did hook us up with a side of fresh fruit which I know I enjoyed!

Not quite ready to call the date night done we went to grab a steak at Lonestar – it seemed a little to crowded for our liking, so I offered to just pick up some steak from the store and cook it up at home… and we did just that!

10 days left!

To be honest I am enjoying the challenge quite a bit and may actually miss it when it is over!

What are some challenges you have been faced with recently and what new perspectives have you gained?

Whole 30 Day 19

What is up Community it is indeed day 19!   So how are we feeling today?   today we have certainly an abundance of energy,  and I believe that I was also just simply very well rested.   we’re going to do this in bits and pieces today.   with this section being the morning piece.   outside of the energy,  breakfast was fairly simple,  a couple of scrambled eggs along with some fried potatoes which had a secret seasoning a ranch dusting.   In addition, we also had a little bit of salsa which to me is a game changer,  having that extra bit of flavoring really takes it to the next level and makes you feel like you’re eating food with the rest of the world as opposed to not.

I did take a moment to grab a snack and you may or may not have guessed it but it was a Larabar!  this was not a homemade one, however, I do have some dates now and will be able to make my own again.   this will allow me to dispose of the rather not so great fig nut bars that I made earlier in the week.   we live and we learn!


Check it out guys here’s what happens when you get the chunk it out!  I was able to do about 200 words in one session I don’t know maybe I’ll get done just going to get it done I think he needs to be said and be done with it!


okay so 4 Let’s see we have plenty of energy and ran out to get a swim in and let me tell you getting that swim in just fired me up really glad that I got that in!   got my butt home and I checked out what had leftover I had some sweet potatoes with apples onions and spices left over I went ahead and added some raisins to that reheated it and I went ahead and added tilapia to it I know you have seen me do it just about every day but I really have enjoyed having that little tilapia fillet for lunch!


While it seems to be plenty of extra my head was thinking pretzels or something crunchy and salty I thought for a moment to grab some carrots and salt maybe get that in there but you know what I’m going to go ahead and finish up a little bit!


That’s going to go ahead and my lunch session and hey look I’ll get back in here for the evening session and just so you know have it all done and posted for you today Whole 30 day 19… whooo feeling great!


Hey hey, we ended the day with some spaghetti… squash… spaghetti squash that is – with some marinara and homemade italian sausage…  simple, quick, easy…


Here is the link to the sausage recipe(it called for beef, I used pork, best to let it sit about a day in the fridge for all of the seasonings to truly sink in!)







Oh yeah!  The day finally came!

There I am, and there is Meg… the Tiger Blood dance… you know what you do when you achieve Tiger Blood status?

You go to Brazilian Ju Jitsu and get yourself some Mallet Finger… what is that?

So glad you asked…

Mallet finger is an injury to the thin tendon that straightens the end joint of a finger or thumb. Although it is also known as “baseball finger,” this injury can happen to anyone when an unyielding object (like a ball) strikes the tip of a finger or thumb and forces it to bend further than it is intended to go.

Funny thing is I didn’t even feel anything… which is just how tigers must feel, that is, they don’t… I noticed the injury but didn’t think too much of it… after all there was no pain, merely an inability to make my entire finger straighten out.  Since it really appears like the only cure is a splint, I just ordered some on Amazon…

I am wearing a funny as f*ck popsicle & packing tape splint as I type this up, making it a bit more of an effort than usual.  However, tiger blood trumps all and I will carry on!

According to the Whole 30 timeline, you should have tiger blood for about 11 days.  Pretty exciting stuff!

A bit more in-depth about the tiger blood:

For some (generally people who came to the program eating well, exercising regularly, and feeling pretty good, to begin with), Tiger Blood means someone flipped a switch and turned on the awesome. Energy is through the roof, cravings are under control, clothes are fitting better, workouts are stronger.

I am finding this to certainly be true… energy is indeed maximum, the swim I took on day 16 was like igniting a coal, hot, but long-lasting… most cravings continue to have subsided, while many state this is not a sustainable program, it is not (in my mind) unbearable, even on the days when your go-to food supply seems low… read Larabar…

I have posted mostly about all of the highs and good things, there have been some less than awesome things as well… one of those was the fig nut bar attempt, which, I may actually not eat… and I will eat nearly anything… hard to put a finger… a mallet finger on where I went wrong in the creation… suffice to say the consistency reminds me of absolutely nothing pleasant and the overall flavor is simply flat and lacking… I have only saved it as an emergency high fruit sugar supply…

As we continue on the path we are now over the figurative worst of it, perhaps…

It is the new year and most people have caved in by now on their New Years Resolutions or have lost complete interest in what drove them to do it, finding their why to do it has eluded them…  to this I can say, “I feel ya”.

However, take a breath, go back to your why and rewrite it… actually write it out, read it back to yourself until you regenerate that feeling that prompted you to get going in the first place, you will be glad you did!


Ummm, seriously…  I hit tiger blood today.  It was like my body was infused with racing fuel, rocket fuel, nothing can stop me fuel… which is as cool as it sounds, just feeling great and filled with energy.


As a father of two younguns and being of advanced age… lol advanced age… well I guess my age just keeps advancing.  However, I can be 100% honest when I tell you that I didn’t have this type of energy two years ago.  Maybe I wasn’t focused on it, is this all in my mind?  Even if so, glad it is showing up!

OK, what have we got that is remotely close enough to share outside of feeling like chasing a gazelle?

Foodwise, what did we consume?

Standard breakfast pancakes, sweet potato, egg & banana with some ginger sliced in and a touch of cinnamon and nutmeg along with raisins.  The nice part about doing the same breakfast day in and day out is that I know what I am having, so there is no need to get confused as to what I am having… there is some positive benefit there… shall we explore that to see how best to exploit that?

(Taken from a TIME article)

Meal planning and prep is a pain—, especially during the workweek. So it’s easy to fall into the habit of buying, making and eating the same foods day in and day out. Fortunately, that’s not necessarily bad news for your health.

For one thing, “More food variety universally leads to more food intake,” says Dr. Susan Roberts, director of the Energy Metabolism Laboratory at Tufts University.

My words:

Cool – there is one piece of a puzzle if you choose to use it.

Another part, which I am … was feeling to lazy to check, but needed the wording… reduction in mental fatigue… taken from random page done by Carrie Willard:

The idea of eating the same thing for breakfast every day is a great life hack why? Because it “saves cognitive strength” for more important things. How often do we as busy moms feel a little brain-fatigued?

My words:

I hear ya, Carrie, fathers feel this way too from time to time!  And truth be told, I am certainly finding that having the same food day in and day out has put a severe reduction in the brain load!

I have been having that same breakfast almost every day of this Whole 30, as well as tilapia with either brussel sprouts & fruit or my newest, go to is the sweet pots with cranberries & spices, really loving that!

Easy sweet pots:

Dice em up, put em in a microwave safe coverable dish, some coconut oil, chili powder, a dash of cumin, a dash of cayenne & sprinkle of nutmeg.  Cover it up and hit the veggie button if you have it… otherwise, take a look at this article on nuking microwaved potatoes.  When they are done add in some fresh cranberries and hit another minute… I am absolutely loving the tartness mixed in with the sweet and the spicy background all done in under 10 mins…



Image result for whole 30 images

Day 14 – More energy?  Yes… a lot more… I know I shouldn’t have tiger blood yet… and I don’t think that I do…

What did we accomplish today?  A little thought, before I got my butt in gear and head out to go shopping, I put some bread into the bread maker (the one we bought last year after doing the whole 30) for the boys and their lunch for the week… Finn asked me to buy store-bought bread… I said no, flat out… wasn’t hard, feel a little guilty, then I think about the bread that I made him… straight cane sugar, almond milk, egg, butter… I can’t even tell you just how delicious it smelled when I came home after shopping… after I cut it up and served it to them I rubbed my face in the heel of it… I wish that was a lie, total truth though.  Look fresh bread is awesome, I am glad we are able to make it for the boys every week.  Sometimes we don’t always get it all week, but I do a pretty good job of making sure that they have fresh bread for themselves, even if I am abstaining from it at the moment!

Ok, so the picture is the truth, you can eat all of those awesome things, and even if it is on repetition, I really do enjoy the ability to learn how to eat this way… what does that mean?  Simply that I don’t reach for rice as my starch, instead maybe I go for sweet potatoes, potatoes or brussel sprouts of all things… instead of snacking on a cheese stick, my usual go to, I make a full-sized lunch… most of my Whole 30 lunches have had tilapia as the primary protein, also pretty cool.  Today I took some of what I have learned at the beginning: Cranberries as a fruit, Sweet Potatoes with cumin, chili powder & cayenne in coconut oil, topped with tilapia…

The cranberries are from the daily brussels with some type of fruit, most often grapes but sometimes cranberries to mix it up.  The sweet pots with cumin, chili powder & cayenne were from a dish that Meg put together earlier in the month.  She had made those with some apples and onions, I am really typing that out more as a reminder of what to make more of vs simply letting you know =P .   Although, I gotta be honest, its a recommendation!

True to the timeline, the energy is coming, however I have truly been blessed with the fact that I don’t really feel like anything is missing… outside of the bread of course, especially when I just slathered some butter on the fresh from the bread maker and handed it over to Liam and there was a flush of joy that crossed his face as he ate the egg colored bread.  So there is the one thing =)

It’s like the scene from History of the World Part One – Thou art mortal, thou art mortal