Whaaat!?!?  Only one week left before the legendary Tiger Blood!

I want you to go ahead an picture your worst possible scenario for the Whole 30, like you love doughnuts and you are forced to spend the day in Dunkin Doughnuts, or maybe you love Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, and for some reason you are touring the brewery (maybe you won it on Jan 3rd and the trip is today, this is sudden, unplanned etc)… but since you have COMMITTED to going through with the Whole 30, you may not have that fresh delicious Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, or whatever beer du jour is sitting there staring you in the face saying, “Drink me, no one needs to know”.

Why do I bring all of this up, well, my entire day has been like this.  First of all, I am travelling, and when I travel through the Raleigh Durham Airport, I tend to stop by Jason’s Deli for breakfast/lunch/dinner or the little BBQ place to grab some pulled pork and okra with tomatoes, so good.  I love both of these places, and the Rueben I usually grab from the deli, is 1000 calories alone… probably just fine that I wasn’t able to put that down the gullet.  I swing by Nature R Us (not the real name) and pick out a bunch of Lara Bars, some dried figs and I take a look at the menu hanging behind the counter… I see eggs and spinach… I think I am onto something here… as I begin thinking about some tasty breakfast food I ask the polite attendant as to whether or not there is any milk in the eggs.  She pauses thoughtfully, says, I dunno… let me call someone… she reaches out to who I don’t know… hangs up and says, yup, there is milk in the eggs… the eggs are off the table!  I grab a banana instead…

Midair there was some more breakfast food, but I wasn’t gonna even bother, one was an egg sandwich and the other was in some type of black mystery food box type thing…

As we land in Denver, one of the first signs that catches my eyes is an Einstein Bagel shop, man they used to be everywhere!  And they have great bagels!  Whatever happened to the bagel craze?  One of my favorites was an everything bagel toasted with cream cheese, tomatoes & onions, and alfalfa sprouts if they could be had.

Let me cut to the chase, I meet up with my coworker in downtown Denver at this place Hearth & Dram, where they have countless whiskeys up on the wall, along with all kinds of delightful brews of the carbonated variety… and the dinner menu is just something else!  They make all of their own cold cuts and other charcuterie that they serve up on a plate with local cheeses and some delectable flatbreads, spotted with sesame seeds… they have on the menu Chestnut Pasta, I don’t even know what the beep that is, only that it is something that tonight, I can’t have.  Somewhere on the menu is Roasted King Salmon, basted in brown butter…  you could baste my shoes in brown butter and there is a good chance that it won’t suck…

Now, the waiter was very good & attentive, but I needed to know a little bit more about what was in each item.  I knew that the charcuterie likely had some sugar, but as it is made in-house, we went ahead and inquired… there were trace amounts… the front of the house manager stepped in and gave me further details on all of the food items…  and as he tried to sway me, and I swayed, but I didn’t break… I knew that Meg was at home eating the same Whole 30 plan as myself, and to be honest I would have been irritated with myself (not 100% unforgiving) if I had given into things such as browned butter, wine sauce, potato pave…

In the end, I did have a great dish, the smoked hanger steak.. they smoke this thing for 24 hours, and then they pan sear it to give it a perfect crunch to its melt in your mouth interior… served up with charcoal roasted onions & grilled escarole…

What I didn’t have was caving in, and or guilt and some other nonsense…  it’s almost like a sick game of how much do you think you can take!?  Fun though, fun, glad to be doing it and sticking to it… 7 Days till Tiger Blood *ROAR*

Whole 30 Day 6 | 10 Days till Tiger Blood

What happens when the tiger blood strikes…

I know that is the question that many of you have rattling in your heads…

It’s like drinking a cup of coffee for the first time, except without that edge… kinda like natural gas… clean-burning fuel that is… not to be confused with Texas Tea, black gold that is.

Today was the first run in with small panic… Meg was on do something with this ground turkey detail… to which she had set up some magical meatball dish, and was even willing to deal with zoodles… not usually high on the list of favorites, and to be honest, I had completely forgotten about them, even though we have multiple ways of creating zoodles in the Handley household… we have some freaking thing from Pampered Chef… hold still while I go look that fuckin thing up… found it..


If you have a friend who has the inside hook up with the PK – check it out… and hook them up with some kind of commission, that could be your kind deed of the day.

To be fair, let’s check out what some others have to say bout this thing, and I will chime in with my agree disagree…

Five Star Rating:

I’ve been using this product for years… I don’t really use the spiraler… but the slicer is amazing. I use it for everything from olives to onions to potatoes to carrots… everything.. to the point that after about 7 years there are tiny cracks… it still works, but I’m worried more about sanitation. I love this product.


Maybe I am using it wrong, its not that great with potatoes, a little clumsy as a matter of fact, again, maybe just user error.  I love the idea about using it to chop up olives though!

We have had ours a couple of years now and it hasn’t shown any real signs of wear.  I can tell you this though, if I saw some tiny cracks, I doubt I would be overly concerned about sanitation… and most of the foods that I slice and dice get cooked… likely killing any baddies

Three Star Rating:

Pricey for what it does. Have not yet been able to get it to spiral anything but I do like the thin uniform slices I can get from radishes and such for salads. Faster than I can cut by hand.


Fair enough, that’s the equivalent of leaving a 15% tip – kinda like, glad the food wasn’t spit in… thanks… true though, it does have the potential to cut things in uniform slices faster than by hand.  The trick to this is to figure out exactly which foods work best… trial and error… wonder if they have a simple list, maybe a useful video of which shit seriously works well in here, and things they know don’t work at all… something like a gasoline engine maybe?  Like hey, put these types of gasoline in here and the engine will work… however, put water in here and you done fucked up.. you have been warned… that type of thing.


Ok, that was fun…. we have a spiralizer from bed bath and beyond, perhaps I will do a run through on that when we use it… we made it though, another day closer to tiger blood and everyone is still in a pretty decent mood.  This year has been at least 98% better in terms of how we have handled it mood wise and what not…

Oh yeah, by the way, we didn’t have zoodles tonight… instead Meg whipped up some tasty stir fry using Coconut Amino Acids… soy substitute.


Whole 30 Day 5 | 11 Days till Tiger Blood

Day five started with an article about cheese steaks in my inbin.  One thing about that, is that I am no where close to Philadelphia at the moment, and I therefore have no access to Amorosso rolls or Conshehocken rolls.  For those of you not in the know, the bread is what makes the difference.  These things have the best chewy texture and are just right in density to hug the ooey gooey goodness that is chipped beef flash seared over high heat, served often times with sauteed onions & with or without… and that would be the cheese.  Most often that cheese is simple white american cheese, which is also tough to find outside of the tri-state area (PA, NJ, DE).  And even if you are not a big believer in whether or not that is actual cheese by cheese standards, I can only say that it’s not Velveeta…  but it does melt very well and yuuuummmm… ok, so thats where my head started with the Whole 30 today… and I am not one to focus on the things in my life that are missing!

Today was the final day of sweet potato, banana, egg, flax meal & raisin pancakes though.  That has been my breakfast for the past 5 days, every once in a while I would through in some low sodium, sugar-free bacon just to have some variety!  Today was one such day where there was some extra variety.  Today was a day with quite a few different foods that have already been consumed this week.  Sloppy Joes that Meg made served over baked potatoes, delicious for the second time!  I went ahead and finished up some carrot left overs that were made yesterday.  They were roasted carrots with roasted garlic & toasted pine nuts mixed in olive oil and a little bit of salt, also tasty the seond time around!  Since we are doubling down on things, I also doubled down on the pan seared tilapia with salt, pepper & lemon zest… since there was some bacon grease laying around, I went ahead and used that to fry that bad boy up!  And finally, we had some more Brussel sprouts to accompany the fish, today we changed it up a little bit and added some cranberries (which last forever, by the way, that bag may be from Thanksgiving?!?) and toasted pecans… and I can’t tell a lie, I went ahead and used the bacon grease here too and I am so glad I did!  It was just around magical if not above!

Mood today?  Not missing much to be honest, well, ok, the simple easy to grab not so great for you snacks… also read as candy bars, chips, pretzels, even HUMMUS would be an easy grab.  Just missing those a tiny bit, but not even really.

Glad to be doing this as I continue to learn more and more about self-mastery, having better eating habits and simply enjoying the ride.

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