Brock N. Lusch | Stay at Home Dad | Super Husband | Minisode

In this episode, Brock & I chat more about stepping into your greatness.  A large portion of what we chat about is from his blog and can be found here.

Brock is a stay at home dad who is leading the charge in Cincinnati as the head of the City Dads Group (a national organization with around 10k members).

Brock is a special kinda guy, we connected prior to this event and spent a good amount of time chatting it up prior to and during the event.

While Brock is indeed crushing it, as they say, I had the opportunity to watch someone flourish in what can only be called an aggressively nurturing environment.

Brock was able to connect in person with the founding members of City Dads Group and they poured into him!

When that is done to you there is little you can do but grow in a way that is unheard of… Good on you Brock, and keep up the awesome work!

Excerpt:  “My son told my wife like when I grow up I want to be a stay home dad, to me your heart can’t get any bigger.”

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Manuel Gonzalez | Dad

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