Brent Popolizio | Life of Dad | Minisode

This is the first of several whereby I had the opportunity to talk with a number of amazing men who were in attendance at the Dad 2.0 Summit in New Orleans Louisiana over the first weekend in February.

In all honesty, this was the first time that I was in a scene where I was running around and publicly stating that I was a podcaster for fatherhood and that I work with fathers to help them to step into their greatness.

The funny part is that I had a little difficulty pulling the trigger on pressing the record button.

However, after telling myself that if this is who I wanted to be and this was what I wanted to be doing; then I needed to be doing it!

The first person in this series of interviews knows a thing or two about stepping into his own greatness and provides a great story on how his wife assisted him in a pivotal moment in fatherhood.

The beauty of this quick conversation is that Brent shares this story with me & it is on a father to father level.

How was I to know that he had a page on IMDB?

Or that he was going to be in the Budlight Dilly Dilly commercial shown in this year’s Super Bowl  33 seconds in (perhaps the best ever… as stated from an Eagles fan perspective).

He is currently doing amazing work with Life of Dad as the Creative Director.

On his role at Life of Dad: “This is the first time I actually feel at home…”

Congrats on your role & thanks for the conversation!

Reach out to Brent and let him know thanks for sharing his story here on Fatherhood for the Rest of Us!


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